Friday, November 9, 2012

Recycling & Waste Management East Valley Apache Junction Transfer Station Benefits

Right Away Disposals recycling & Waste management East Valley Apache Junction transfer station makes solid waste collection more efficient and reduce overall transportation costs, air emissions, energy use, truck traffic, road wear and tear, and increases safety .Click Here for a list of the materials we dispose of.

Our recycling & waste Management transfer station saves our local Arizona East Valley communities money and lowers the cost of your solid waste management services.

Besides reducing transportation costs, there are many other benefits to having a local Apache Junction recycling & waste management transfer station.  We offer our local community citizens a facility for convenient drop-off of waste and recyclables.

The Apache Junction recycling & waste management transfer station creates the opportunity for screening of waste for special handling to separate out readily recyclable materials or any inappropriate wastes (e.g., tires, automobile batteries) that are not allowed in a landfill or a waste-to-energy facility.

At Right Away Disposal, Sustainable Practices are what drives us to help our communities more and more every day. We offer Dumpster Rentals, Front Load and Roll Off, Compactors and Balers, Curbside Trash and Recycling Containers and more. Call 480-545-7942 or visit our site for more details at